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How to Prevent Human Error in a Warehouse

Posted by Thelma Marshall, Director, Product, Jan. 28, 2020 Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn A large percentage of warehouse mishaps and injuries result from human error. It isn’t surprising. Anybody can have a split second of poor judgment or become complacent about the inherent risk of their job. …

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National Forklift Safety Day – Why it Matters

Safety reminders are an effective way to combat driver complacency, a common problem for those who do TTX_workflow_3_imgrepetitive, yet dangerous, tasks throughout their workday. National Forklift Safety Day, an annual event set for Tuesday June 11, 2019 was created to inspire warehouse managers across the country to take a closer look at operator safety and training deficits in their facility.

Leading Indicators Can Change Warehouse Safety & Your Business

What it the best way to improve safety in your facility? Leading indicators play a big role in preventing worker fatalities, injuries, and illnesses as well as strengthening operational outcomes in the workplace. Your cohesive safety program should leverage leading indicators as a guide for operational changes in processes, programs, and altering employee behavior to cultivate a safer work environment.