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Common Bad Habits of Forklift Operators

Posted by Thelma Marshall, Product Director, on February 6, 2020 Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Equipment is designed for safety, but forklift operators still fall victim to the bad habits that cause warehouse injuries. Human error and poor driving habits are common challenges in warehousing. Unfortunately, the repetitive …

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National Forklift Safety Day – Why it Matters

Safety reminders are an effective way to combat driver complacency, a common problem for those who do TTX_workflow_3_imgrepetitive, yet dangerous, tasks throughout their workday. National Forklift Safety Day, an annual event set for Tuesday June 11, 2019 was created to inspire warehouse managers across the country to take a closer look at operator safety and training deficits in their facility.

Video: Precautions for Forklift Safety & OSHA Compliance

Forklift operation is not as simple as driving a car. There are several precautions that OSHA expects your warehouse or distribution center to take to help ensure forklift safety. The question is, do safety practices in your facility meet expectations?

There are a few key things you can do to create a culture of safety in your warehouse. First, watch this video to see how your software platform can make safety compliance simple.

3 Ways to Reduce Warehouse Costs

Warehouse managers face constant demand to move inventory out faster, more efficiently, with increased accuracy, all while maintaining worker safety and meeting customer expectations. Added to this recipe for stress is the pressure for managers to reduce warehouse costs and increase profit margins. Sound familiar?