TotalTrax Has a Proven Track Record Across a Variety of Industries.

Our technology and innovation has boosted productivity and safety for a wide range of businesses including chemical, consumer package goods, agricultural, manufacturing, retail and food and beverage industries. Learn more about TotalTrax truck fleet management solutions, services, and the industries we serve.

Whether you’re considering an automated tracking solution for a specific operational pain or evaluating how best to integrate a solution across the enterprise, TotalTrax can help improve operations, increase business value, and expedite your ROI.

Widely recognized as an industry leader, TotalTrax has the experience to deliver the right fleet tracking solutions to meet your unique business requirements. We provide complete turnkey solutions that track indoor vehicles in real time, automate data collection tasks, provide equipment monitoring, safety improvements and useful business intelligence data that is meaningful  to improve the productivity and optimization of your facility.

Fleet Management Solutions for Unique Industries


metrix by TotalTrax, our enterprise reporting software, arms your decision-makers with the insights they need to make data-driven business decisions. From impact detection and driver-access control to load sensing and job tracking, metrix gives you more advanced information management, reporting, and analysis tools than any other system. It doesn’t just make your equipment smarter; it gives you comprehensive control over your entire operation and outstanding economic value from your telematics investment.


From impact detection, activity monitoring, driver access control, and pre-shift inspection checklist capabilities to advanced load sensing and job tracking options, metrix by TotalTrax gives you total control of your fleet. Choose only the features you need. Get all the data you want. Generate reports that help you control costs, improve safety, and maximize productivity of your vehicles, labor, and warehouses. Run diagnostics remotely to simplify service and maximize fleet uptime.

MEtrix Location Services

Precise, near-real-time location data helps managers improve safety, productivity, utilization, and maintenance objectives in their operations. Rich vehicle location data is critical to optimizing traffic flow and product placement, monitoring vehicle/operator behavior, and identifying congestion/impact patterns to prevent future incidents. metrix by TotalTrax offers three levels of vehicle locationing to meet your warehouse needs.

BXOptimize Battery Monitoring

Fleet and Warehouse Managers have historically lacked adequate tools to obtain and analyze battery usage information that helps meet battery management goals. While other companies may provide a way to monitor battery usage, none have developed technology that harnesses all of the information needed to identify, document and optimize key elements of warehouse operations to support battery optimization.

METRIX Job Tracking Services

metrix by TotalTrax Job Tracking Services are designed to put the power in your hands to better monitor your operations, assist with moving inventory faster and safer, and help you identify areas where improvements can be made. Job Tracking provides insight into the amount of time spent completing a single job. Having access to precise job tracking data can provide information to optimize resources and total cost of jobs in a variety of powerful ways.