metrix by TotalTrax Location Services

Fleet, Warehouse, and Safety Managers need adequate tools to gather and analyze information about their vehicles in order to meet or exceed business goals. Having access to precise, near real-time, rich location data can help managers in a variety of powerful ways including:

  • Identifying patterns that predict future events such as impacts and congestion
  • Designing optimal travel routes
  • Determining best product placement locations
  • Observing and understanding pallet movement
  • Setting and reviewing benchmarks for vehicle paths, speeds, and other related measurements

metrix by TotalTrax Location Services deliver critical insights that can be used to enhance the ability to achieve and improve safety, productivity, utilization and maintenance objectives. While other companies currently offer vehicle location capability as options to their telematics products, metrix by TotalTrax Location Services provide increased accuracy and higher speeds with lower maintenance requirements and lower costs than alternate or competitive solutions.

Improve Safety, Productivity, and Utilization Using metrix by TotalTrax Location Data

Precise vehicle location data of the metrix by TotalTrax system greatly enhances the ability to achieve safety, operator productivity, and Material Handling Equipment (MHE) utilization and maintenance goals. If you are unsure which product is right for you, we can help you decide.

How it Works + What to Expect

Provides base-level location functionality

  • Works well for companies with smaller facilities or without need to identify exact vehicle locations
  • Wi-Fi-enabled
  • Provides an estimate of where the vehicle is within a facility when an event occurs
  • Utilizes the Event Report to provide location information

Provides mid-level location functionality

  • Works well for companies with medium to large facilities that need tighter location monitoring
  • Provides location of the vehicle within a 50-foot radius
  • Flexible reporting solution that provides information by unit or by operator of where an event occurred
  • Mapping capabilities include:
    • Live Map displays a snapshot of a vehicle’s location
    • Event Map displays the specific location where an event occurred
  • May require installation of additional access points

Provides top-level location functionality

  • Works well for companies with larger facilities that require high levels of accuracy and/or breadcrumbs
  • Provides location of the vehicle within 1-foot precision
  • Flexible reporting provides the insight for predictive analytics to be able to report on speeding violations, stop violations, and location where the event occurred
  • Mapping capabilities:
    • Live Map displays live vehicle data
    • Event Map displays the specific location where an event occurred
  • Supports geofencing and forthcoming Inventory Management technology
  • Requires additional VX hardware (VX71 and OPMs)
  • Adds near real-time, rich location stamps to most events

TotalTrax Offers Three Levels of Vehicle Locationing to Meet Your Warehouse Needs

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