SX/VX Product Enhancement: Job Tracking Services

TotalTrax Job Tracking provides insight into the amount of time spent completing a single job. Having access to precise job tracking data can provide information to optimize resources and total cost of jobs in a variety of powerful ways, including:

  • Reducing labor costs
  • Improving inventory movement
  • Increasing levels of productivity
  • Planning & scheduling of resources more effectively
  • Budgeting and workflow optimization
  • Determining best product placement & traffic routes

TotalTrax SX200 Job Tracking Services are designed to put the power in your hands to better monitor your operations, assist with moving inventory faster and safer, and help you identify areas where improvements can be made.

Improve Labor Management Insights & Productivity Using Job Tracking Data

How it Works + What to Expect

Job Tracking can improve warehouse operations by:

  • Calculating job duration, travel time and travel with load provide insight to labor costs associated with each job
  • Improving ROI with the understanding of resource utilization and total cost of job
  • Allowing for better resource scaling and reduction in waste
  • Flattening peak demand on resources with better scheduling

Job Tracking Services can improve important workflows by:

  • Customizing the value chain to best serve particular product varieties, buyers, or geographic regions
  • Analyzing the steps required to capture, manipulate, and channel the data necessary to perform the activity
  • Enhancing the ability to leverage links between activities, inside and outside the company
  • Creating new links between activities and companies that can coordinate actions more closely with those of their buyers and suppliers

Job Tracking Services can positively impact costs by:

  • Creating a competitive advantage by giving companies new ways to outperform competitors
  • Identifying “value activities”- the technologically and economically distinct activities it performs to do business – and provide tools for better planning
  • Identifying opportunities for savings through coordination with suppliers and channels that go far beyond
    logistics and order processing
  • Employing a broad vertical scope to leverage the potential benefits of performing more activities internally

TotalTrax Job Tracking Services Help Organizations Meet Important Goals and Objectives

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