TotalTrax A Global Platform

No company can match the combination of solution flexibility, technical service, and experienced support that TotalTrax offers before, during, and after the sale and implementation of the SX/VX advanced telematics platform.

As a leader in telematics for more than 20 years, the sales and service professionals at TotalTrax understand the support required to successfully install, adopt, and get the most value out of an investment in monitoring technology. We use that experience before the sale to carefully assess your safety, operations, maintenance, and IT requirements and determine how to engage all stakeholders.

Explore our International Reach

Mexico: RIVUS®
Other Countries We Distribute to: All of Central America down to Panama

Argentina: MC Metodos
Brazil: AHM Solution
Other Countries We Distribute to: Uruguay

China: King Ho
Singapore: Stream Peak
Other Countries We Distribute to: Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Phillippines

France: Tilt Import
Belgium: Score
Netherlands: Blanken Controls
Other Countries We Distribute to: Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Luxemburg, andCentral European countries not listed under Tilt Import or Score, plus Turkey and Russia

India: SRV Controls
Other Countries We Distribute to:Saudi, UAE, Pakistan, Sri Lanka

Australia: ShockWatch Pty
New Zealand: ShockWatch NZ

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