Posted by Thelma Marshall, VP of Solutions, October 13, 2020.

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Advanced telematic software platforms, enterprise level reporting and cloud-based collaboration have been the goal for many companies in recent years. But many businesses still haven’t made the move. They are struggling to maintain efficiency and remain relevant, especially while dealing with COVID-19 challenges.

A world-wide crisis like COVID-19 changes everything, and can slow business operations in unprecedented ways. This lag exposes reliance on cumbersome, error-prone processes.

Companies held back by antiquated management systems may have managed before COVID, but now, being hampered by older systems and inefficient data insight is highly detrimental to the bottom line. The waves of impact from COVID are ongoing, and insight allows a company to quickly pivot their product innovation, alternate supply bases, and shift production to fit demand.

While 40% of CIOs report they have achieved their data initiatives, 60% of the remaining companies are lagging behind.

If your enterprise is one of them, here is why you need to make the move to advanced telematic software.

Data and workflows are accessible in real-time by authorized employees.

This boosts speed and collaboration across one location or ten. With COVID there has been a huge increase in work-from-home situations. Remote work and team collaboration are most effective when you have a single source of truth in the cloud.

Management systems communicate with each other providing complete information

Much of the supply chain has married their warehouse management software with an advanced telematics platform in order to gain instant access to actionable information, increased productivity, and fewer losses

Managers do not need to be in the facility to complete their tasks. Cloud-based telematics software lets you remotely monitor, diagnose, troubleshoot, and reboot forklifts, getting them back online as soon as possible. 

Attract and retain your workforce

Flexible systems and a collaboration environment gives your business an advantage in attracting and keeping data savvy workers. These are often the younger employees that if retained, may serve the company for decades.

Customization is easy 

Managers can choose the widgets that take priority — in other words, real-time data on KPIs that matter most to your business can be seen on one screen. This facilitates: 

  • Immediate action to resolve issues, cutting downtime and improving productivity 
  • Exception-based insight on each forklift, including operator behavior and safety protocols 

Cost savings & loss avoidance

A telematics platform can ease the flow of data across your enterprise, and ultimately lead to new efficiencies and cost savings. This means you can optimize time and schedules for all resources — a key advantage since more than 60% of organizations do not have enough resources to manage project demands.

Use of telematics platforms in the warehousing or manufacturing industry provides data insight that mitigates challenges and improves profitability for many companies. They see unprecedented growth and a measurable return on their investment (ROI). 


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