Posted by Thelma Marshall, VP of Solutions, July 14, 2020

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Data is king. But how that information is managed, stored and retrieved across an enterprise remains a challenge for many manufacturers and warehouse operations. Multiple source information requires an integrated approach to interpretation and enterprise level reporting to better understand and manage quality control challenges.

As we move into the latest industrial revolution, Industry 4.0, we are poised for quality data insight delivered to us in a way that is easier, faster and broader than ever before. The good news is that new digital technologies will also enable an effective Quality 4.0 program, designed to eliminate many quality control frustrations that businesses struggle with.

Quality from Industry 4.0 will fully leverage things like:

  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) or mobile
  • Cloud computing
  • Machine learning
  • Advanced analytics and AI

These technologies, working in synergy, will facilitate improved operational performance. Data will allow managers to preemptively identify and address problems with quality control, monitor regulatory compliance and improve brand reputation.

Information at its best

Quality information cultivates improved product quality. Here’s why. Advanced telematic platforms, analytics and AI analyze key quality metrics. Things like efficiency, customer satisfaction or supplier performance can be quickly analyzed and patterns emerge in the data that direct changes and decisions. These adjustments produce process and quality improvements.

For example, in manufacturing, advanced telematics platforms facilitate change with the latest in machine learning. Technology matches patterns and provides digestible, easy-to-use data insight in real time.

Is your team ready for new technology?

Technological advances, machine learning, and vast amounts of data funneled through the IoT is impacting how most supply chain enterprises operate. The question is, how well are your employees keeping pace with these advances?

According to one study many enterprises still struggle to understand how digitization will change quality management roles and skills

provides support, training and helps build a culture of quality control and safety in your facility. This level of support is crucial and you should be working alongside strategic partners to build appropriate tech stacks.

Your software provider should not just set the system up and say, “go!”. Training for operators and other employees should be part of their services so that everyone is fully comfortable with the platform.  

Advanced software can increase the capabilities of the current management system, but everyone needs to understand how to quickly access and use the insight available.

Also remember that not all software is created equal. There are platforms that do the hard part for you, identify problems and their root cause from the touch of one screen. This facilitates actionable solutions without the need for highlevel analysis from your employees.

Manufacturers and warehouse enterprises that deploy and adapt to new telematic software technology can vastly improve quality, generate higher customer satisfaction, less product defects— all while reducing costs.

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