Posted by Thelma Marshall, VP of Solutions, June 16, 2020

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Demand for sensing technology and AI is quickly becoming the warehouse management tool of choice. This expanding technology will be adopted by most warehouse enterprises over the next few years as businesses fight to keep up with emerging demands.

So far, this increased use of automation and sensors has propelled record growth by providing insight and solutions to tough warehousing challenges.

One of the most compelling features of the latest software is sensing device technology. Over the next five years, sensing devices are expected to drive revenue in the IoT in the warehouse management market.  This will be fueled by the growing desire for sensors across various industries.

But not every business has decided to invest in telematic trends just yet. A recent report found that only 12 percent of supply chain professionals say their businesses are leveraging AI. However, 60 percent expect to be deploying AI into their operations over the next few years. 

However, there is no better time than now to implement expanded technologies and use them immediately to solve your most pressing issues and create a positive momentum toward growth.

Warehouse management tools that solve issues and fuel growth

The best tool in warehouse management is actionable information delivered simply and easily to reduce unnecessary expenses along the supply chain. 

Your software platform should deliver:


According to a recent study, nearly 75% of retailers are working toward real-time visibility enabled by automation, sensors and analytics. Data analytics facilitate the smooth, efficient movement of products, preventing possible spoilage. 

A Holistic View 

An advanced telematics system delivers an ongoing opportunity to increase efficiency, control, reduce risk and manage cost savings.  

Telematics sensor technology tracks the location of vehicles and pallets, essentially linking forklift movement with data on the pallets. Managers can track the physical processes of product flow and order fulfillment to reduce steps and lower costs.  

This software allows managers to identify an issue before it becomes a problem, determine the root cause, and a create an actionable solution.  

Well managed growth

As your business increases, additional distribution centers may be required to keep up with customers’ expectations for fast, seamless delivery. This means looking beyond the obvious capital needs to build a facility and focusing on how to track movement throughout multiple locations, maintain safety, and ensure proper maintenance of equipment. 

An expanding fleet of lift-trucks means managers need easy-to-digest data, collected from all vehicles, with a focus on necessary repairs and maintenance. 

Cloud Technology 

All of these moving parts require a way to track and oversee them from various locations. Because of this, the move to cloud-based telematics is increasing, and CIOs and IT directors rank ‘operational agility’ as a top reason. 

Now is the time to deploy sensor and tracking technology and leverage software that identifies issues impacting warehouse efficiency.  Investing in new technology leads to optimum inventory efficiency now and fuels business growth for a stable, profitable future.



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