Posted by Thelma Marshall. VP of Solutions, June 2, 2020

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Your goals may include being more fluid in your business model, but in today’s challenging business climate, flexibility is almost a requirement. From manufacturers who have changed what they produce to warehousing facilities facing unprecedented demands and new health and safety restrictions, it is anything but business as usual.

This time probably feels like you must change and take risks while facing totally new pressures. The COVID-19 health crisis has forced many businesses to evolve what they do and how they do it. Navigating these uncharted waters, for many enterprises, means knowing what you do well, what presents challenges and even how your business could evolve

This altered business climate is best managed by those who have smart technologies embedded into their business strategies. For those trying to produce more, change more and meet demands with limited resources, data insight has never been more important to daily operations and problem solving.

As you look at your business, machinederived data will prove invaluable in determining which causal factors most influence machinery performance and operational costs.

Changing times

Advanced telematics platforms facilitate change with the latest in machine learning. Technology matches patterns and provides digestible, easy-to-use data insight in real time.

Actionable data like this allows managers to assume a proactive role in identifying positive changes and avenues of new opportunities.  Change is never easy, but it may be the only solution to today’s challenges that threaten your business.

In a nutshell, today’s data can quickly tell us what can be changed and what areas to look at that promote a smooth evolution and improved processes.

Gathering the details

What your machines know can help you. This guidance occurs  now without lengthy analytical reports and endless digging for information.

Software platforms merge what machines “experience” and patterns that emerge with advanced analytics, IoT sensors, and real-time monitoring. The partnership provides answers based on insight versus guesswork. This means for the first time there can easily be end-to-end visibility.

It delivers:

  • Maintenance and repair schedules that support safer operation, less downtime, and increased productivity
  • Battery care and proper charging that extends battery lifespan
  • Operator behaviors such as skill level, recklessness or excessive speed. Software that learns operator patterns assists in safer equipment usage and a better understanding of how and why impacts occur

Changing your business with machine learning

“Machine learning” revolutionizes every aspect of supply chain and facility management. With increasing demand for flexibility and altered business models, many enterprises are searching for insight to determine the capability for change.

Machine learning is a solution that identifies strengths and capabilities of daily operations, creating:

  • Intelligent warehouses – with increased tracking of operator patterns, order picking, inventory monitoring, and just-in-time deliveries 
  • Communication – all systems can “talk” to each other; combined information supports improved timing and routing, product location, and traffic patterns 
  • Integration – telematics systems partner with other SMART systems; increased efficiencies result as they monitor and track behaviors within the warehouse environment 
  • Increased indoor locationing capabilities – systems are able to locate inventory (down to the foot) and suggest optimum forklift routing to find the shortest paths or paths of less congestion 
  • Tailored operational parameters – forklift parameters based on location, battery charge state, presence of other vehicles, physical conditions at current location, historical performance and predictive calculations, etc.

Advanced telematics platforms deliver machine learning through matching patterns, providing digestible, easy-to-use data insight in real time. This means manager may accurately determining how to meet new business challenges, reduce mistakes and navigate new avenues of opportunity that support their business.

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