Posted by Thelma Marshall, VP of Solutions, May 26, 2020.

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Tough problems can arise just about every day. But, do you fully understand each problem well enough to identify solutions? The answer may surprise you.

Weighed down by increasing demands and daily challenges leaves almost no time to research and frame KPI problems so they are really understood. This usually makes solutions thrown at a problem less effective.

In a nutshell, there isn’t time for arduous reports that examine every detail of a problem, yet without that insight you may not really see what the problem is.

There is a solution that does the problem-solving work for you – telematic software. It can be used to highlight specific KPIs on one screen, delivering fast facts, data insight and direction.  

With this data insight, the problem becomes clear. Solutions become obvious. Framing each problem like this facilitates lots of room for alternative solutions.

Focus on what matters

How do you solve or prevent problems that influence your business? Focus on details and frame out exactly what’s happening. For example:

  • Activity – The movement of your fleet is a priority. Are there issues with routing that will slow down movement? Are there enough operators on the floor to move the inventory and meet demands? Use data in your problem statement to quantify what’s actually happening.
  • Impacts – What impacts or near-miss incidents have recently occurred? Which operator was involved? What was the root cause and what action can be taken to prevent it from happening again?
  • Checklists – Have the safety checklists been completed successfully and completely? Are there forklifts with mechanical issues that must be locked out for safety? How will this impact activity and productivity on the floor?
  • Lockout – If vehicles are locked out due to maintenance issues or impacts – are they scheduled for repair soon? When will they be operational? Are all the replacement parts ordered?  

Framing your biggest warehouse problems

Every time a problem presents itself, it steals valuable time away from productivity. While it is easier to make assumptions about the cause of any given problem, the determination probably lacks accuracy.

The solution: Use a telematic tool that monitors KPIs and quickly tells you where attention is needed and what you need to know.

  • Determine if there are any trends
  • Uncover which issues are nearing a “red zone” and need immediate attention
  • Investigate who or what is behind each issue
  • Determine what action is needed to address each problem

Telematic software monitors and instantly identifies where, when, why and how to fix your top 5 KPI issues, simply by looking at one dashboard.  

Advanced telematic software can simplify your day by delivering instant information about all the problems that arise throughout of your operation and their root cause. Learning the details about the top KPIs quickly allows managers to take proactive action and avoid common warehouse challenges. 

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