Posted by Thelma Marshall, VP of Solutions May 12, 2020VP

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To make it through these times of uncertainty and stress, a warehouse or distribution center needs positive, confident leadership. Knowing how to truly lead a team, even in stressful “doom and gloom” times, is a critical part of a manager’s job.  Great leaders take the reins and navigate all of the challenges with determination.

This is not easy right now. Leading a confident warehouse team through this current storm requires lots of adjustment, communication, and flexibility. But remember that there are a few ways to make it through significant disruptions with confidence.

Now more than ever, employees are looking to managers for assurance, strategies and leadership – and their confidence in the future can be cultivated by skilled management. Let’s look at the basics components of leadership that facilitates confidence for your warehouse team.

True leaders do this:


Communicate the facts and strategies clearly.

Misinformation and lack of communication breeds fear and uncertainty. While nobody knows for certain what will happen in the future, but don’t be a manager that fuels the uncertainty. Organizations and their managers should communicate through the crisis.

  Educate employees on all safety measures.

This means all safety measures Educate employees about all new policies and priorities put in place and why they matter.  Provide timely updates to policy changes that may be coming out of the CDC. If things change, explain why.

Remember and monitor for the normal safety risks associated with working in your industry. Everyone deals with crisis differently. Employees are probably distracted, worried about the future, their health, their families and what will happen next.

Normal operation protocols for safety may be forgotten when employees are distracted. For example, risk is inherent to operating a forklift. Monitoring software is the solution to reducing that risk and the costs associated with careless, avoidable mistakes.

Monitor safety continuously.

Your essential employees do not have the option of working from home. They are on-site making it happen. Focus on their well-being. What are you doing to keep people safe? For example, staggering clock in/out times so there are not large groups of employees exiting or arriving at one time.

Give meaning to new company goals.

Most employees feel a greater connection to the outcome of their work if they fully understand why the goal is important and valuable. Share goal objectives and explain how their dedication, agility and hard work will make it possible.

Everyone feels some level of uncertainty about how the COVID-19 crisis will impact their work, their income, personal safety and the safety of their families. But great leaders create great organizations that adapt in times of turmoil. Monitoring safety and the well-being of employees cultivates greater confidence and is easier to manage with telematic insight that helps avoid unnecessary safety risk during this crisis.

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