Posted by Thelma Marshall, Product Manager, May 5, 2020

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The COVID 19 crisis has brought unprecedented demands, long hours and increased risk to worker safety at many businesses. When demand skyrockets, employee mistakes and injuries increase. Telematic insight is the solution.

Telematic software monitors and creates alerts for everyone when the potential for injuries increases. Fact. It is hard to ensure safety protocols are followed under normal circumstances. Accidents commonly happen in a warehouse or distribution center and human error is statically a major cause. Failing to identify the root cause of human error and ignoring complacent or poor habits or behaviors, will eventually result in an accident.

Today, staying alert to risk is harder now than ever before. Speed, flexibility and scalability are key to getting the right information to the right people at the right time. Telematics facilitates this with insight about every moving part in your facility. It helps at all levels of planning.

For example, shift changes must occur while people remain at least six feet apart, even when facilities are operating at full capacity. Telematics monitors operators’ exact location as well as when they clock in or out for a shift.

The need for speed

The Consumer Brands Association (CBA), reported  a 700% increase in consumer packaged good orders as people stock up for quarantine. So, supply chain demands are at unprecedented levels while employees also worry about contracting the virus.

This sets the stage for distraction and burnout on the job, which increases safety risks and injuries for everyone.

Long hours, continuous risk & increasing demands

Employee burnout has been officially determined to be a diagnosable condition by the World Health Organization (WHO) and is caused by unremitting workplace stress. Burnout is a syndrome resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.

Here are three signs to look for that characterize the condition.

1) Employees appear to have depletion of energy or seem exhausted.

2) Workers my demonstrate an increased mental distance from their job, or express feelings of negativism or cynicism related to the job.

3) Employees may produce less and lack the professional efficacy they are capable of.

Your enterprise can take steps to identify solutions to mitigate stress and support workers who are becoming overwhelmed by high demands.

Locate your inventory

More inventory moving through your facility can be harder to track. Advanced location capabilities with telematics show you exactly where all the forklifts are in the warehouse and where each piece of inventory is located.

Across the entire warehouse operation, daily processed must work in synergy. But, problems and safety infractions rise in direct correlation to increased demand.

Telematic data delivers a solution by:
  • Monitoring all the moving parts in a warehouse to identify where efficiency can be improved, e.g. rerouting forklifts for safety or improved traffic flow.
  • Monitoring and identify risky driver behavior and completed safety checklists so mechanical issues can be immediately addressed and accidents avoided
  • Monitoring forklift utilization — identifying who is working and their location.

Leveraging real-time data and knowledge gained from a telematics platform, like TotalTrax’s SX/VX200, monitors safety, and will reduce stress for everyone during the COVID 19 crisis.

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