Posted by Thelma Marshall, Product Director, March 26, 2020

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Wish it was easier to set up an organizational hierarchy and break data down by relevancy across your enterprise? Large scale operational managers need to see the big picture, no matter how many locations are involved. Not all software can do this, but it can be easier than you think.

Enterprise Level Reporting is the most cost-effective way to make operational reports, transactions, compliance documentation and other customizable reports from multiple locations accessible through your software platform. This means the ability to access vital information across an entire enterprise, no matter the size or number of locations.

Easy access to data retrieval across multiple locations allows managers to see and address areas of concerns across divisions or select locations. This identifies those smaller, hidden issues and costly mistakes that could otherwise go unnoticed when juggling multiple operational locations.

Enterprise Level Reporting delivers results and that equates to ROI, often in less than 12 months.

A bird’s eye view

It is critical for organizations to focus on metrics across all business and/or organizational units. Fact is, being able to visualize all the challenges holding back efficiency— across your enterprise— provides avenues for faster, easier solutions. This type of holistic view allows for changes in business practices and improved communication.

So, you gain the ability to review data and analytics derived from daily facility operations, at multiple locations. Then you can pull important insight and create reports that show what areas are performing above expectations, at acceptable levels and those that are underperforming.

Tackle supply chain challenges

This level of insight also addresses OSHA regulatory compliance and industry specific transparency requirements, one of the top challenges many enterprises face today.

For example, shipment visibility was considered “critical” by 83 percent of survey respondents in a survey of Top Ten Global Health Supply Chain Issues.  Supply chain visibility goes beyond one specific warehouse or manufacturing center, allowing an enterprise to be able to provide traceability for products already fielded. This is no simple task. 

A telematic monitoring and documentation platform thoroughly address these challenges, creating transparency of operations with: 

  • forklift access control  
  • equipment and operator tracking 
  • continuous inventory tracking down to the square foot 

The system monitors, tracks and documents everything for you. With Enterprise Level Reporting, the regulation compliance is visible across multiple locations.

Deploying telematics software with Enterprise Level Reporting allows access to this meticulous documentation and tracking, which is key to meeting all product transparency requirements.  

Using data to create change

Your data should provide the checks and balances you need to determine your next course of action. Look to it to evaluate how well a location or even multiple divisions are progressing with company objectives. Set up an organizational hierarchy and break the data down by region, business unit and location type.

With Enterprise Level Reporting from TotalTrax you can access numerous types of analysis, across your enterprise, that help you create actionable reports to that direct everyone toward necessary changes.

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