Posted by Thelma Marshall, Product Director, March 17, 2020

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It is important to create Lean 5s strategies in your warehouse, but how well are you leveraging this to identify solutions? How well does your current software support Lean processes and solutions?

Lean thinking was the buzz word throughout supply chain industries just a few years ago. We all tried to get onboard. However, even if you implemented a Lean process program, it probably had limitations in delivering results.

Lean improvements do not just happen on their own. But it is about to get easier to garner important results. We all need to understand analytics in order to make changes – so the missing component is technology that provides a more holistic view and data to make comparisons and create change.

In a nutshell, the ability to gather information and use predictive analytics to make things run better, avoid costly mistakes and improve performance is key to remaining competitive in future.

Next level technology will deliver ease and insight

Today’s Lean processes are about to intertwine with smart technologies to work in synergy on delivering improvements to warehouse and manufacturing processes.

New TotalTrax telematic technology will provide what’s needed to increase efficiency now, and build on that in the future. And the best part is that the software isn’t complicated to install or deploy. This next generation of technology is about simplicity— very easy to install without sacrificing any real results. 

Here are some other benefits you can expect:

New software will be wireless and infinitely updatable. Everything can be added moving forward with software licenses, new languages, addition of palate detection, etc.  

NEW Enterprise Level Reporting – our way of rebuilding the whole monolithic server. An enterprise could have 10 locations on each server and see reports across all ten. Essentially, the corporate hierarchy (multiple sites) is built into the software capabilities.

Your LEAN 5S practices

5S is comprised of easy-to-remember steps that play an intricate role in a facility’s ability to successfully sustain the 5S processes: sort, set in order, shine, standardize and sustain.

Look at your plan, bring your teams together and review which practices had sustainable success and which ones allowed for old habits creep back in.

The next step

Once you start garnering this valuable insight, it is vital to standardize and systematize the process changes. Smart technologies are sweeping across the factory floor, promising to provide manufacturers with more and better data for smarter decision-making, as well as faster responses to potential downtime events.

This means:

  • Management has committed to continuously monitor tasks and Lean processes and share results and improvements
  • You can easily make ongoing revisions to the plan if something isn’t working
  • Focus can be put on training and reminders for employees in connection to the ongoing goals and best practices in place to achieve benchmarks

Lean 5S warehouse practices should be part of a fluid plan, evaluated and changed as needed to meet goals. Ideally, your telematics platform should provide easy to use, enterprise level reporting, allowing you to make comparisons and implement changes to improve processes and efficiencies.

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