Posted by Thelma Marshall, Product Director, February 27, 2020

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OSHA has done the math. About 70% of warehouse accidents and injuries are avoidable with the right precautions and monitoring software. How proactive is your facility in avoiding accidents and injuries? Where do the biggest risks hide?

Fact is, when managers monitor common sources of danger, and have the technology to record movement and employee behavior throughout the facility, many common accidents can be avoided.

Maybe your operators drive too fast, fail to stop when they should or unsafely move inventory. These risky behaviors are common and can cost money and even the life of an employee.

The solution is simple. Recognize the risks and use real-time monitoring software to watch for potential danger. With it, managers can identify areas of risk and take action quickly, preventing injury or impacts.

What to look for to prevent warehouse accidents

Ideally, warehouse workers should be focused on safety as well as the task at hand. But that doesn’t always happen without ongoing reminders, monitoring and intervention. Look for risk in these areas.

Potential injuries to pedestrians
  • Look for poor driver behavior (e.g. speeding, failing to watch for pedestrians, caution in poor visibility). 
  • Workers may forget where floors can become slippery due to spills or environmental conditions. 

Telematic Operator Report Cards will determine driver skill level based on pre-set KPIs. This can be used to determine training and/or disciplinary needs for risky driver behavior in pedestrian zones. Guard railings, anti-slip tape on steps and ledges, and safety mats in problem areas will help prevent falls.

Unsafe loads

Loads must be stabilized. This error causes accidents, serious injury or death. Operators must always:

Other loading dock injuries often involve workers being pinned between a forklift and a dock — usually due to risky, complacent behaviors. 

Ongoing training and safety checklists for all workers reminds everyone of risks. Predictive analytics based on telematic monitoring identifies poor operator behavior before an accident occurs.

Improper storage and poor driving skills

Forklift collisions may trigger racking mishaps. Drivers may lack the skills needed to maneuver in aisles situated between pallet racks. Some rows or areas facilitate accidents because of visual limitations or sharp turns/corners. 

Train employees about the pallet racking systems limits to avoid overloading them. Use telematic operator report cards to ensure all operators are well trained and certified. Use telematics lock out to ensure uncertified drivers don’t operate a vehicle. 

Really bad routing

Poorly routed traffic often leads to accidents and costly injuries. Telematic Advanced Location features determine where, when, and why events are happening, so traffic can be rerouted and inventory repositioned.

Creating a safe warehouse does not happen by accident. Proactive measures — supported by an advanced telematics platform — helps avoid common accidents and costly mishaps. 

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