Posted by Thelma Marshall, Product Director, February 18, 2020

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Do you lead a warehouse team toward achieving its goals or just getting the job done? A true leader can inspire their team work together to increase productivity while meeting each challenge with solutions and tenacity.

If this isn’t how you see your leadership skills, or if results are lack-luster, there are simple things you can do to improve your team. Inspiring the best from a team doesn’t always happen intuitively. It requires planning, strategy, communication and praise. But the results will astound you.

Lead by example.

True leaders don’t just instruct or give orders. Let your team see you are part of the solution to the challenges that arise. Start by doing this:

Cultivate a team mindset

Teamwork isn’t as easy as it sounds. Managers can group warehouse staff and forklift operators into teams but grouping coworkers together won’t instantly cultivate a team mindset.

It is important to remind everyone that their actions affect the achievements of the entire group.

Provide open & clear communication

Clear communication about expectations, task assignments and goals facilitate achievement and increased productivity. Be open to questions and listen to everyone’s point of view. This makes employees feel valued, and the valued worker is one that will exceed expectations and be vested in outcomes.

Offer praise for a job well-done

Though no news is said to be good news, employees want to get positive information — like, a pat on the back or a recognition — especially when they exceed expectations. You can easily track an operator’s performance and productivity and communicate this kind of praise.

In fact, it takes very little time if your software platform monitors and tracks labor and any benchmark results that rise above the norm. This allows you to quickly identify and recognize a job well done too. Use these features regularly:

Optical location

This provides instant information on speed, location of the forklift, and who is operating the truck. It allows speed limits to be set and monitored for each type of forklift and for managers to really see driver behavior in real time.

Operator report cards

Operator report cards give a complete view of an operator’s compliance with safety standards, checklist completion and overall performance on the warehouse floor. For example, often operators are forced to move material under tight timelines to address customers’ just-in-time needs. This tool allows a manager to see if work was completed with safety in mind and if there were no infractions over a specific period of time.

Be a team player and a leader

Creating a team mindset and leading employees towards their goals requires mutual respect, open communication, clearly defined goals and Telematic monitoring. Your data will help document individual and team achievements so they are easy to identify and recognize.

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