Posted by Thelma Marshall Product Director on January 23 , 2020

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Warehouse managers struggle with daily chaos that steals time and attention away from improvement strategies. But there are some easy steps to reclaiming your day and helps managers focus on what matters most.

What could you accomplish if you could manage all daily tasks with greater efficiency? Probably more than you realize.    

What successful warehouse managers do to save time each day. 

How you manage your time can impact daily accomplishments. Here’s how to improve your schedule.

  1. Focus on relevant data.

You can stay aware of current or emerging issues is less times is you have clear and concise reports that are filtered into relevant data with real-time results, and individual KPIs highlighted for action.

  1. Determine what action to take for problem resolution.

Look to your data to offer a quick path to the root cause of issues that arise. In just one click, you should be able to view underlying charts and tables that show the origin of the problem and provide an easier path to assessment for action BEFORE issues escalate.

  1. Remove the root

Go directly to what is causing problems or challenges that impact productivity and make changes. Telematic software can provide immediate visibility on one screen, based on your specific KPIs for lean, continuous improvement. It should display all relevant areas with real-time status.

  1. Take proactive action to avoid routing and inventory challenges

Telematics can track the location of vehicles and pallets, essentially linking data on forklift movement and pallets, eliminating man-hours lost while locating misplaced inventory. Locationing technology can analyze historical and real-time traffic patterns, which allows managers to proactively avoid accident-prone areas.

  1. Base management on facts

Incorporating telematic data when deciding on task assignments. Look at each operator and how they are performing compared to others, whether they complete safety checklists as expected, or if they speed or break rules to get the job done. 

Adjustment to daily task management

Across your warehouse operation, daily processes must work in synergy. Telematics can show you the “big-picture” with data reports that identifying problems and showing exactly what needs to be done to resolve or avoid them. Having information at your fingertips cuts the time spent seeking solutions.

Daily challenges in your warehouse can require more hours than there are in a day. But you can adjust how you manage your time.

  • Start your day with a clear focus.
  • Prioritize and make tasks results-driven.
  • Try not to multi-task.
  • Delegate smaller tasks, whenever possible.
  • Minimize unimportant interruptions.
  • Take stock at the end of your day.

Managing a warehouse or distribution center requires attention to detail, time, and continuous action. Your telematic data should support what you do and reduce the time needed to accomplish tasks.

If you struggle with how to save time to focus on what matters, it is time to work smarter, not harder. Your time can be used more effectively. Use a telematic platform that simplifies how you identify, manage and resolve daily issues and then spend valuable time working on improvements.

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