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Posted by Thelma Marshall Director, Product, Jan. 16, 2020

Do you know where money is being lost in your warehouse facility each day? Improper forklift battery care can be the number one way a company wastes valuable resources and time.

Batteries are one of the largest ongoing expenses your enterprise may have. But there are easy solutions to help reduce unnecessary waste of this precious and costly asset. Battery Monitoring technology can tell you how well batteries are charged and cared for, reducing the need for early battery replacement and associated costs. 

A battery of facts every manager should know

Telematics software quickly identifies costly waste and spells out how to create a strategy to reduce it. Most important, it can include battery monitoring.

And poor battery care can cost you. Here’s how.

  1. Battery lifespan can be shorted by improper charging

Improper charging practices can end battery life prematurely. Opportunity charging should also be avoided because charging a battery too soon eats away at the lifespan. Batteries should also get fully recharged daily.

Batteries left sitting uncharged for extended periods allow for hard sulphation and significant loss of run-time strength and reduces the battery’s lifespan.

Telematic battery-monitoring technology tracks the status of each battery, including when and how it is being charged.

  1. Batteries must be cleaned and receive regularly scheduled maintenance.

Keeping batteries clean is important to prevent corrosion, voltage tracking, and faster self-discharge. Rinsing your battery every six months or so, or more frequently if required, will help remove this acid and prevent any long-term issues. Monitoring specific scheduled maintenance ensures that it gets done.

  1. Battery health should be monitored to proactively address power deficits.

Data that shows battery’s discharge, temperature, voltage and amperage — providing real-time alerts and warnings while in use can be vital in extending the life of a battery. Batteries that used at reduced ampage, due to lack of maintenance or poor charging practices, will cause forklifts to function at a reduced capacity.

 Could battery monitoring save you money?


Batteries are a vital component to a successful warehouse operation. They are what keep fleet vehicles moving, yet more than 80% of warehouse lift trucks have poor battery maintenance. It’s counterproductive thinking, but managers often focus on getting inventory out the door – not what fuels that movement.

New forklift batteries will typically last up to five years and they are one of your biggest investments. But batteries will have significantly shorter lifespans if important things, like proper charging, cleaning and care, are neglected. The right telematic software can help ensure this care takes place, resulting in reduced battery replacement costs.

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