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Posted by Thelma Marshall Director, Product, Jan. 14, 2020

 How does knowing the exact location of all your forklifts, operators and inventory reduce warehouse costs? Many costly operational challenges can be solved or prevented when fleet telematics is used as a guide for better inventory movement and operator efficiency.

Fact is, fleet managers can significantly reduce warehouse costs by using fleet telematics data to understand forklift locations, operator behavior, battery charge levels and maintenance schedules. 

Here’s four ways fleet telematics can change your business

  1. Fleet telematics provides valuable insight into the actions, behaviors and location of all your fleet operators.

You can monitor and take action regarding speed violations, operator horseplay or irresponsible, reckless choices by drivers. For example, TotalTrax’s advanced location module also offers GeoRules, allowing managers to create regulations, for both operator and vehicle, within predefined areas of a mapped facility.  

  1. Advanced locationing software tracks the exact location of all inventory.

This creates visibility that tracks vehicles and pallet locations, essentially linking forklift movement with data on the pallets.  This means you can track the physical processes of product flow and order fulfillment to reduce steps and lower costs.

  1. Real time insight helps refine warehouse traffic management.

This can be used to reduce the risk of impacts and increase ease of product movement within a facility. Configurable historical mapping of events over time (to determine patterns and problem areas) can be used to determine risk and create safer routes.

  1. Battery monitoring technology facilitates the ultimate care of your batteries, reducing replacement costs.

Telematic fleet software monitors battery health, telling you the battery’s discharge, temperature, voltage, and amperage with real-time alerts and warnings while in use, before damage or potential accidents occur.

Cut costs while improving customer service

While there isn’t one sure method for reducing costs and managing inventory better, telematics can help you refine visibility of your inventory and product movement within your facility, positioning you to better meet customer demands. This can be a game-changer as you strive to satisfy your customers’ need for speed

But meeting product demands is not easy without the right information to guide operations each day. Fleet telematic software helps facilitate increased order accuracy and expedited delivery because it makes all inventory easy to locate, creates an environment where operators know they are monitored – so they perform tasks as they should, and where managers have the time to focus on ways to move inventory faster and with greater efficiency.

  The take away

In a nutshell, the more real-time information a manager has at their fingertips to guide operational decisions the easier it will be to cut costs and improve customer service.

Cutting warehouse costs typically starts with better management of fleet vehicles and identifying how to overcome product movement challenges. A fleet telematics system with advanced optical location capabilities can provide that valuable real-time insight to better manage fleet movement, inventory and all operators.

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