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Posted by Thelma Marshall Director, Product , Jan. 6 2020​

The scope of telematic technology is not what it was just a few years ago. Software capabilities continue to improve every yea, so what began with simple forklift monitoring systems can now encompass an entire warehouse operation, labor management and remote access to real-time information.

Why telematic monitoring is a game changer

The bigger your warehouse operation, the greater your need is for today’s telematic insight. For example, if you have dozens of forklifts spread across a wide physical area, keeping track of all the battery charging needs, user behavior and maintenance schedules can be overwhelmingly difficult without remote monitoring.

With telematic monitoring software:

  • Problem solving is simplified and based on facts. Managers shouldn’t assume they know the root cause of warehouse issues based only on what is seen at surface level. The solution to avoiding costly mistakes is to know exactly why problems are occurring and how to prevent them.
  • Managers can avoid costly downtime and reduce operating costs with data that continuously monitors safe (or unsafe) driving behaviors and stays on top of maintenance schedules.
  • An operation gains simplified, actionable information. Customized reports tell you exactly what you need to know, and how to fix common problems, without time-consuming, complicated data.

Dig down to the true root cause

Common warehouse challenges are not always caused by what you might immediately think. Facilities can fall behind schedule, misplace inventory, or be impacted by reckless forklift operators. These things can occur for many reasons so the solution should be based on the actual root cause.

For example, if your fleets activity has slowed, it’s easy to assume that operators are simply not performing as well as they should. But that’s just an assumption without facts.

When fleet activity drops, the root cause may be the result of mechanical issues, several forklifts down for repairs, and even poor battery charges. Telematic data can tell you:

  • how many of your fleet vehicles are out of service and why
  • if proper regular maintenance and safety checklists are being completed.
  • if batteries are operating with full amperage and are fully charged, cleaned and have received routine maintenance.

Poor routing may also be the root cause of this issue. Real-time tracking provides facts to determine the best driver and route for optimum ease in product movement. Telematic Advanced Location delivers information you can use to identify better warehouse traffic patterns. This, in turn, avoids delays due to pedestrians — or, even worse, pedestrian injuries — and facilitates a more productive work schedule for all operators.

Telematic monitoring software  can be customized to meet the changing needs of your warehouse operation. With increased demands for speed, safety and accuracy, upgrading your telematic system now will vastly improve safety and efficiencies throughout your entire enterprise and help reduce costly mistakes that impede growth.

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