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Posted by Thelma Marshall Director, Product Dec. 19, 2019

Use of telematic platforms in the warehousing industry has exponentially increased over the last few years. The reason? This type of data insight improves safety and mitigates challenges. But not all software platforms are created equal.

There are specific questions to ask in order to determine if a telematic software platform will work for your business to improve safety and profitability. 

 What to ask

Today’s telematics can be customized to monitor, analyze and report exactly what you need to know, all in real-time. But you must ask the right questions when choosing software.

1. Does the vendor understand your industry and safety challenges?

If a vendor takes time to listen to the real, everyday problems of warehouse operation managers, it leads to real solutions. The new enhanced reporting in TotalTrax’s SX200 Software was the result of conversations with our customers that helped us provide a better understanding of their industries and unique safety challenges. Customers can choose what data to focus on and customize it to their unique needs.

2. Is customization as simple as it sounds?

You want software where your managers can choose the widgets that take priority — in other words, real-time safety data and KPIs that matter most can be seen on one screen. This facilitates:

  • Immediate action to resolve safety issues, cut downtime, and improve productivity.
  • Exception-based insight on each forklift, including operator behavior and safety protocols.

The reality is that most companies have trouble tracking more than two or three performance indicators, including important safety protocols, if they don’t have a customized reporting system focusing on business-specific KPIs.

3. Is the system cloud based?

Some cloud-based telematics platforms achieve impressive results and quickly prove their value. In fact, deploying a quality cloud-hosted telematics application can deliver as much as 1.7 times more ROI than on-premises ones, and those benefits increase over time. Also, it is important to choose a cloud platform that leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) for machine learning so improvements can easily be identified.

With cloud-based software, managers do not need to be in the facility to complete their tasks. Cloud-based telematic software lets you remotely monitor, diagnose, troubleshoot and reboot forklifts, getting them back online as soon as possible. 

4. Will the software be able to handle the growth of my company?

Real-time business intelligence is vital to warehouse management today. Software should be simple to install, use, and maintain. It should also be adaptable to easily grow with your business.

Software should be backed with world-class support that never leaves you scrabbling for solutions. The TotalTrax SX/VX Advanced Telematics platform provides the most comprehensive visibility of your material-handling operations at the individual unit, operator, shift, site, and enterprise management levels across the SX200 system.

When it comes to warehouse management, tracking, visibility and safety, upgraded data capabilities with TotalTrax software can deliver important advantages.  

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