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Posted by Thelma Marshall Product Director on Dec 10, 2019 4:00:00 AM

Getting people across your organization to adopt a high standard of business values can be challenging.

Unfortunately, one employee’s actions can be a direct reflection on your company.

The solution is to monitor behavior, address poor choices, and avoid these costly damages.

Let’s face it: Your company may do a great job with developing its philosophies on high standards of safety, customer-first mentality, and basic principles of ethical behavior. But, do you monitor and measure how well employees adhere to your values on a day-to-day basis?

The fact is that one careless or reckless forklift operator can cost your business plenty and tarnish its public reputation. If the result of this employee’s actions is a serious injury and a subsequent lawsuit, it could cost millions, become headline news, and impact customer perception of your company.

Take for example a recent $9 million lawsuit that involved a forklift operator who admitted that he didn’t follow basic safety protocol when he backed over a warehouse pedestrian, crushing his leg. The operator described his own behavior as complacent and “inexcusable from a safety standpoint.”

In this case, the injured employee underwent numerous surgeries to save his leg, but, in the end, the leg had to be amputated below the knee. He won the lawsuit because blatant carelessness was the cause, which falls back onto the shoulders of the business that allowed it to happen. Reckless or poor ethical behavior are something your organization is required to prevent.

  Monitoring forklift operators prevents lapses in safety standards

Mishaps often occur because repetitive work can make even a skilled driver forget that danger is always present and safety procedures should never be skipped. Complacency is a real challenge.

Here are some facts:

  • Telematic monitoring with an operator report card feature shows each operator’s personal job performance as well a comparison to other operators.
  • Operator report cards can warn managers when an employee is straying from the company’s safety philosophy by tracking speed, the number of impacts or near-miss incidents, safety checklist failures, activity, and if certifications are up to date.
  • As a manager it’s important to identify anything that increases safety risks in your facility and to find a solution to address it.
  • Real-time monitoring of speed, which sounds an alarm for infractions, eliminates complacency about speed limits.
  • Drivers who know they will be held accountable make better and safer choices. 
  • Monitoring operator performance on a daily basis lets management get to know their drivers and how they are performing when under pressure or stress.

It is your company’s responsibility to not just create a standard of safety, but to stay one step ahead, making sure best practices are always followed — even when attention is being pulled in several different directions. Installing a telematic forklift management system can drastically improve driver behavior and control risks.

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