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Posted by Thelma Marshall Director of Product on Nov 12, 2019 4:00:00 AM

Can the teams of workers in your warehouse or distribution center prevent disaster, play upon each other’s strengths and deliver surprising results? They can if you cultivate a team mindset, recognize each person’s talents, and arm them with powerful insight to take proactive action. gabriel-2519793_640

Think of it this way, your successful team can be modeled after the evolution of the superhero team, the Avengers. We know, you are not trying to save the world, but you are trying to achieve or exceed expectations or goals – usually while facing insurmountable challenges. Some days probably feel like you are battling Thanos.

Warehouse teams need to evolve to work together seamlessly toward the common goal. They each need to know and trust each other’s talents and work together. That’s why it is important to create a team culture among co-workers and understand that chemistry is just as important as competence. 

  Building a Team that Defeats Challenges

There are a several things you can do to help build a motivated, connected team of employees. The key is knowing their individual contributions, talents and showing them that their work matters to you, their team and the entire warehouse operation.

 Team building basics

It doesn’t require a lot of time to make an employee feel valued and a part of an important group effort. For example, you can easily track an operator’s performance and productivity and communicate this kind of support if you have telematic information at your fingertips.

Here are few other ways to build a team mindset in your warehouse

  1. Consider each employee’s ideas as valuable. Nobody knows the challenges and issues slowing down productivity better than those who are on the floor doing the work every day. Ask for opinions and suggestions.
  2. Set clear team goals and communicate why they matter. If workers know why something needs to change or improve they develop a vested interest to the results.
  3. Provide team and individual recognition for a job well done. Your employees want recognition that shows they are valued and you see their hard work. This promotes continued hard work, because they know it matters and will be recognized.
  4. Recognize safety and maintenance improvements. Safety is just as important as productivity. Telematic “operator report cards” provide a complete view of an operator’s compliance with safety standards.
  5. Share team results based on goals. Telematic platforms provide monitoring that easily tracks labor and any benchmark results. For example, vehicle and warehouse activity are linked through TotalTrax SX/VX software to deliver a direct correlation between job performance and productivity.

 Team Heroics

Avengers Endgame demonstrated the true value of a team. Individual members of that team could not have stopped the enemy, Thanos, on their own. But, by combining all their skills, knowledge and determination while each completed individual tasks, they were able to achieve seemingly impossible results. Create that team culture in your facility and it will drive performance and defeat challenges to the business’ success.

Cultivating a team mindset requires knowing the individual strengths of your workers, two-way communication, clearly set goals and Telematic monitoring to oversee and document individual and team achievements – so they can be recognized.

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