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Posted by Thelma Marshall Director of Product on Aug 1, 2019 4:00:00 AM

Warehouse management is a juggling act, and the small issues that arise can have a ripple effect. Missing one key piece of information can cost you time, money, and frustration, so it pays to know which warehouse KPIs should be monitored daily and how to simplify this process. image003

Planning doesn’t have to be as complex or time consuming as you might think. Creating a plan for KPI improvements can be done in a few simple steps and produce results in just a few months. Remember that selecting the KPIs should be done with a “less-is-more” attitude. Measurements should align with those areas you can’t afford to have break down.

Two top areas to consider:

1. Impacts and safety

For example, if your facility is showing a large number of impacts, use impact data to analyze the location, vehicle, and operator. The analysis can help you determine both the root cause of the impacts and areas where improvements are needed.

Process changes typically fuel increased productivity and cost improvements in a warehouse, as well as fewer impacts and improved safety. Unsafe environments are costly to an organization, and forklifts are 6th on OSHA’s most-cited violations.

Top violations include:

  • Safe operation in the vehicle
  • Operator certification
  • Truck repair and maintenance

Use telematic safety report cards and set KPIs for the following at either a site level or at an operator level:

  • Severe Impacts
  • Safety Checklist
  • Excessive Speed
  • Slow/Stop Zone violations  course-1015601_640


2. Order fill and errors

There are many things that can contribute to order errors. They range from unavailable products to damage caused by product movement. Do you know how many orders your warehouse successfully delivers without incident? Red flags in this area can be improved by following warehouse and distribution center best practices and by identifying potential problems before they happen.

The use of a telematics system allows you to focus on this KPI and be more proactive and less reactive in its management. The data provides the basis for predictive analytics that allow you to detect those red flags in a timely manner. 

These two top KPIs are best managed by knowing the facts in real time. Products such as CommandPulseDX provide the ability to set KPI targets and send alerts for target warnings and when a target is surpassed. Information is easily customized to the top KPIs for your business by using the CommandPulseDX suite of widgets.

  Warehouse KPI customization works


On a daily, weekly, monthly basis the DX dashboard automatically provides a single-pane-of-glass monitoring of all the KPIs and levels of achievement. This relieves the manager from having to run reports and watch alerts, freeing him or her to focus on one screen of a few critical things to monitor, saving a lot of management time.

Telematics platforms, like CommandPulseDX, make it easy to look at closely at your top KPIs and create an improvement plan that generates results.

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