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Improper care of forklift batteries is a common, costly mistake. Batteries are an investment, one that fuels your fleet, so if they are neglected it will impact your bottom line. In fact, after forklifts, batteries are the most expensive asset in your warehouse.

While most new batteries have a lifespan of approximately 1,500 cycles — lasting up to five years — reaching that projected number of cycles with each battery isn’t guaranteed. Getting the most ROI from each battery you buy requires proper charging, cleaning, and maintenance.

But who has time to keep track of the care and charging of each battery in their facility? Battery monitoring technology is a solution that does the tracking for you. Watch this video to learn how.



Think about it. Forklift batteries cost between $2,000 and $6,000, depending on specs and size. So how much could you increase your profit margin if each battery performed better and lasted longer?

TotalTrax battery-monitoring technology is superior at tracking the status of each battery, including when and how it is being charged. This can prevent many unexpected equipment issues, ensuring you get the most power out of every battery and reduce battery-replacement costs by extending battery lifespan. 

With battery monitoring software your facility can:

  1. Reduced downtime and associated costs. Eliminate habits that cut productivity, like time lost from opportunity charging or swapping equipment mid-shift.
  2. Get accurate assessments of battery health. Get a real-time read on when charges are occurring, targeted temperature readings, and the state of each charge. 
  3. Reduce battery-replacement purchases. Replacement costs for batteries can be thousands of dollars, so it is vital to your bottom line to prolong the lifespans of your batteries. 
  4. Prevent premature charging practices. Knowing when to charge is as important as knowing how to charge. Each charge costs a battery a cycle, cutting its lifespan, so eliminating this common error can save thousands in replacement costs.
  5. Determine how many batteries your fleet needs. According to Modern Materials Handling, half of businesses have too many, while the rest do not have enough. Three batteries per forklift is typical, but by “pooling and more effectively managing batteries,” that number can often be reduced.
  6. Reduce battery idle time. Batteries left sitting uncharged for extended periods allow for hard sulphation and significant loss of run-time strength. It even reduces the battery lifespan.
  7. Ensure proper battery watering. Battery watering is a typical maintenance requirement, but it is often done incorrectly, which is damaging to equipment and productivity. It is possible to over-water or under-water a battery unless a system is in place to monitor correct procedure.


With the right technology, you can drastically eliminate the costs of poor battery maintenance in your facility. TotalTrax battery-monitoring technology can track all monthly maintenance and can even send reminders when battery cleaning should be scheduled. This valuable technology provides the data needed to ensure proper maintenance and charging is taking place each and every day, proactively extending the life of one of your most costly investments. 

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