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Do you know the exact location of all your forklifts, operators, and inventory right now? What would instant access to this information do for your business? Many of your biggest warehousing challenges could be easily solved or prevented with the use of telematic optical location.

Optical location is a valuable tool that monitors real-time movement within an organization and delivers predictive insight. This facilitates change that improves routing; reduces impacts, revisions to processes, and inefficient behaviors; increases the speed and ease of product movement; and creates transparency with precise inventory location.

This video shows how:

Fact is, vehicle telematics provides valuable insight into the actions, behaviors, and location of all your fleet operators. Optical location software tracks the exact location of all inventory, creating visibility through optical position ceiling markers and high-precision cameras on each vehicle. This technology tracks vehicles and pallet locations, essentially linking forklift movement with data on the pallets.

While there isn’t a cure-all for managing inventory, telematics can help you refine visibility of your inventory and movement within your facility, positioning you to better meet customer demands.

This can be a game-changer as you strive to satisfy the customers’ need for speed. With optical location software, you can:

Increase productivity

Refine warehouse traffic management with telematics to reduce impacts and increase ease of product movement within a facility; leverage configurable historical mapping of events over time (to determine patterns and problem areas).


Increase safety

Monitor and take action regarding speed violations including operator horseplay or irresponsibly driving too fast to get the job done.


Increase accuracy

Determine exactly where inventory is at all times as you focus on how to get products to customers faster and with greater efficiency; this means you can track the physical processes of product flow and order fulfillment to reduce steps and lower costs.

The more real-time information a manager has at their fingertips to guide decisions the better. For example, TotalTrax’s advanced location module also offers GeoRules, allowing managers to create regulations that govern vehicle and operator behavior within predefined areas of a mapped facility.  Real-time monitoring of speed sounds an alarm for infractions, so it can virtually eliminate complacency about speed limits as they happen — which is a huge factor in accidents and equipment repairs. logistics-748152_1280

Keeping up with today’s warehousing challenges requires accountability, a continuous process review, and a willingness to make changes and adjust actions as needed. The right telematics system with advanced optical location capabilities provides the required insight, eliminates time wasted searching for inventory, and delivers a holistic picture of the entire operation on one screen.

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