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When it comes to warehouse software upgrades, are you confident you know what to look for? Not all software is created equal, and you could be missing out on key features that facilitate more efficient operations, safety, and output.

What’s needed to accelerate operations and reduce challenges?

Real-time business intelligence is vital to warehouse management today. And, any software should be simple to install, use, and maintain. It should also be backed with world-class support that never leaves you scrambling. Before you look any further, check out this video.




Now, let’s look at how a partnership with us can provide true value and solutions for your business.

Customized information and reports are a must-have.

Warehouse management data is not one-size-fits-all. Each enterprise has unique needs and specific KPIs it should focus on. Without customization, an operation misses opportunities for improvement.

The reality is that most companies have trouble tracking more than two or three performance indicators if they don’t have a customized reporting system focusing on business-specific KPIs. The TotalTrax SX/VX advanced telematics platform provides the most comprehensive visibility of your material-handling operations at the individual unit, operator, shift, site, and enterprise management levels. Most importantly, you can customize reports, choose the fields appearing in the report, and share with other managers across the SX200 system.

Saving time significantly reduces costs.

About 65 percent of companies use big data analytics from an older system to monitor their fleet, equipment, and assets. But this typically leaves them scrambling for solid answers hidden in the data. 

TotalTrax software reduces hours lost each day to lengthy reports and analysis. With all the information on one screen, you can effectively focus on what matters: Problems, solutions, and planning for continuous improvement. 

Real-time data facilitates game-changing results

To facilitate change, you need to know information now, as it is happening. A TotalTrax system measures the movement of all assets in real time, including inventory and forklifts. The software analyzes downtime, determining if all vehicles are utilized to their full capacity and provides clear facts to right-size your fleet. 

Some cloud-based telematics platforms achieve impressive results that quickly prove their value. In fact, deploying a quality cloud-hosted telematics application can deliver as much as 1.7 times more ROI than on-premises ones, and those benefits increase over time. The key is finding the right platform. warehouse productivity

The fact is, demands for output, speed and accuracy are continually increasing, so it will become harder to maintain your business without advanced software to simplify warehouse management. Chances are some of your competitors are already part of the 86 percent of enterprises that believe investing in new technology is key to continued success and growth.

When it comes to warehouse management, tracking, visibility and even managing labor, upgraded data capabilities with TotalTrax software can deliver important advantages.  

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