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Posted by Brian Quigley, Director of Client Services on Jul 16, 2019 4:00:00 AM

Improving forklift operator behavior and driving skill is one of the most effective strategies to reduce warehouse costs. Accidents, impacts, and injuries are costly mistakes that are often avoidable. But, the success of this strategy depends on the quality of data you receive from your forklift monitoring software.

Most warehouse or distribution centers depend on skilled operators performing each day at peak capacity and safety. So, monitoring driver habits, their strengths, and weaknesses, can facilitate managerial action to reduce the cost of damage to equipment and inventory and to avoid worker injuries.

Essentially, the right software platform can tell you how to resolve poor driver behavior, determine which operators are underperforming (idle time), and calculate the financial impact of poor maintenance practices.  Watch this video to see how.



Change the future with your data

Ongoing training for all workers reminds everyone of risks. Predictive analytics, using customizable dashboards like CommandPulseDX reporting, means that ongoing training can be customized to fit each operator’s specific needs. Managers gain the power to predict and mitigate accidents before they happen. 

Can you really avoid accidents? Yes. Risk is inherent to operating a forklift, but monitoring software is the solution to reducing that risk and the costs associated with careless, avoidable mistakes. With it you can effectively reduce:

1. Speed and reckless action or behavior

Pressure to produce more in limited time, driver complacency, or stress is usually the root cause. Other reasons include poor communication, poor training, or drivers that engage in erratic behavior or horseplay

2. Poor maintenance and safety checklist protocol

Failure to complete safety checklists and servicing/repairs as needed can increase the risk of impacts, damage to inventory, or injuries.  

3. Improper load procedures 

Carrying a load that is too heavy, poorly stacked loads on the pallet, or carrying loads that block vision or are unstable increase operator risk. Inventory can be damaged by forklift impacts and from improper storage, but Advanced Location and TotalTrax’s Geofencing, for example, allow for configured “stop” zones to limit access to certain vehicles that won’t fit into product aisles.  fork-lift-24394_640

Reducing warehouse costs begins by identifying poor behavior or common operator mistakes — essentially, your facility’s biggest, costliest risk factors.

This is most easily accomplished with software that delivers real-time monitoring to track poor behavior or safety infractions and facilitates proactive risk management — before a costly mistake occurs. 

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