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Posted by Thelma Marshall Director of Product on Jun 6, 2019 4:00:00 AM

Studies show that less than 30% of warehouses in the U.S. are efficient. Is your facility one of them? Slide2-1

If your business is one of the 70% looking to improve warehouse operational efficiency, then it’s time to identify the old strategies that are costing your business time and money and then create applicable solutions.

Let’s look at where efficiency can be lost and how to make changes that create solid solutions.

  You’re losing time to investigating and digesting complicated data.

Every time a new challenge presents itself, it can steal valuable time away from everyone’s productivity, especially the manager in charge of sorting through reports and determining what went wrong and how to fix it. 

Investigative tasks can potentially steal 1-2 hours of a manager’s day each week — running lengthy reports, filtering to relevant data, collecting results, and making the connection to any KPIs that are off target. The more complex a report is, the more time it will cost you.

The solution: Use an effective time-management telematic tool that monitors KPIs and quickly tells you where attention is needed. Reports should be customized to tell you only what you need to know. Using this tool you can: 

  • determine if there are any trends 
  • uncover which issues are nearing a “red zone” and need immediate attention
  • investigate who or what is behind each issue
  • determine what action is needed to address each issue

 Warehouse management is reactive rather than proactive.

Essentially, fixing a problem usually takes much more time than acting to prevent the problem from occurring.

The solution: Rely on real-time monitoring software to tell you exactly what is going wrong — before it becomes critical. Monitoring software should reveal the root cause of each problem, providing an easier path to assessment for action and resolution — BEFORE issues get out of hand.

 Your enterprise is resistant to change and new technology.

If a business is resistant to change, new advances in telematic technology, and taking a leaner approach to warehouse management, then efficiency is probably a challenge. Data that languishes in poorly connected systems typically is out of date and unreliable, which results in inefficient warehouse operations. Failing to embrace changes that drive efficiency will cost you.

The solution: An older warehouse management system can be easily merged with a telematics platform to seamlessly deliver actionable information that everyone can understand. By integrating a telematics system with your WMS, a holistic picture of your entire operation is available on one screen, so you can quickly identify changes needed to facilitate smoother, faster operations.

Upgrading to telematics can empower everyone in your facility to accomplish more and avoid or reduce costly mistakes. The latest telematics technology identifies the issues eating away at warehouse efficiency and tells you exactly what to do to solve it. 

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