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Posted by Thelma Marshall on Sep 19, 2019 4:00:00 AM

Process changes can be a struggle and often those in upper management are the most resistant to change. This is especially true when it involves upgrading warehouse technology. The argument is that change is costly and confusing, but the truth is that avoiding emerging technologies can cost a company its competitive edge and profitability. logistics-748152_1280

Understanding new software and integrating it with current systems can send workers running. In all fairness, implementing technological upgrades hasn’t always been easy. But today’s innovative telematic software merges seamlessly with current warehouse systems, is simple to navigate and to understand.


  Changing needs

Data that languishes in poorly connected systems typically is out of date and unreliable, which results in inefficient warehouse operations. Process integration must merge information in a way that appropriately, and quickly, solves your specific business challenges

Ideally, decisions in your facility should be the product of easy to digest data and real-time insight. Adjustments can be made moment to moment to prevent delays, improve safety and boost productivity and profits.

Poor performance from an old system is not your fault. Failing to recognize this and make changes is. Are you and your employees resistant to using new technology and doing things differently – even if it means greater success at a reduced cost?

  • Are you still putting off upgrades to your old warehouse management system and the use of advanced telematic data?
  • Do you have access to real-time insight on one screen, which facilitates quick action that supports safety and improves efficiencies?
  • Do you know that your current WMS can be easily merged with a telematic software platform to work together seamlessly to deliver actionable information that everyone can understand?
  • Can your old system drill down to the root cause of daily challenges quickly, or are you spending too much time running reports to accomplish this?

 Why resisting upgrades costs your business more

Capabilities gained from a telematics system can be financially beneficial to your facility for several reasons. It shows digestible facts about current conditions and exactly where changes made generated improvement and cut costs. It also pinpoints problem KPIs, why they are off target, and gives direction so everyone understands what needs to be done.

For example:

  • Operator Report Card – provides data at a singular operator level or at a group level. This data provides a holistic view of how well your operators are performing.
  • Simultaneous Utilization Reports – provides data on operator and forklift utilization at any given time.
  • Advanced Location – provides data on traffic patterns, where impacts occur, as well as traffic violations pertaining to pedestrian walkway or safe zones and speeding.

Many businesses have a change resistant culture but upgrading your software platform can empower all employees to accomplishing more and improve efficiency. With real-time telematic data you gain leaner management principals, remain competitive, and realize continuous improvement.

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