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Posted by Thelma Marshall Director of Product, on Aug 29, 2019 4:00:00 AM

Most common warehouse effeciency challenges  are not always caused by what you might assume. Facilities can fall behind schedule, misplace inventory, or be impacted by reckless forklift operators. Similarly, the reasons and the solutions to these challenges may not be what you think.key-2114047_640

It’s easy to assume you know the root cause of warehouse issues rather than looking at all the data that reveals the hidden story behind warehouse challenges. The solution is having a software platform that gives you simplified, customized reports that tell you exactly what you need to know and how to fix common problems.

Here’s a breakdown of a couple scenarios where the root of the problem is not what you might assume and how to stay one step ahead when armed with easy-to-read facts at your fingertips.

  Lethargic inventory activity

If a fleet’s activity has slowed, it’s easy to assume that operators are simply not performing as well as they should. But that’s just an assumption without facts.

There are many other reasons that operational KPIs are off target in a warehouse or distribution facility. To solve the puzzle, a manager must identify the “what, when and why” behind the problem.

Simplified reports provide these answers and include a telematic report card that monitors fleet performance and delivers a pull-down menu to identify which truck(s) and operator(s) are slowing down the entire fleet.

When fleet activity drops, the root cause may be the result of mechanical issues, several forklifts down for repairs, and even poor battery charges. Telematic data can tell you:

  • how many of your fleet vehicles are out of service and why
  • if proper regular maintenance and safety checklists are being completed.
  • if batteries are operating with full amperage and are fully charged, cleaned, and have received routine maintenance.

So, this problem might not be a labor issue but rather a maintenance issue.

 Operators are reckless & drive too fast

Your telematics system can warn managers and supervisors about broken speed limits, sounding an alarm and emailing the assigned supervisor. The first response may be to immediately address these behaviors with the operators, perhaps even deliver some retraining reminders on safety protocol.

But the root cause may not be poor skills or a need for speed when driving. In might be stress and increased demands from new orders. Perhaps you have not addressed recent growth and new demands or right-sized the fleet.

Monitoring and measuring the movement of all assets in real time, including inventory and forklift trucks, helps to right-size your fleet, making sure there are enough trucks on the floor to meet demands.

Poor routing may also be the root cause of this issue. Real-time tracking provides facts to determine the best driver and route for optimal product movement.

So, this problem might not be a training issue, but rather a fleet optimization or routing issue.

 Simplified reports deliver a solution

Time is money. The right telematics system will analyze important data, breaking it down to determine the true cause of each challenge in your facility. Armed with this insight, you can quickly determine what to do to avoid or resolve common challenges before they become costly problems.

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