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Manufacturing and distribution centers often struggle to control costs while meeting OSHA and industry-related regulatory compliance.   A strategy for inventory tracking is crucial to avoiding fines and a negative impact on the company’s reputation. It’s a complex challenge, but there are ways to ensure transparency.ball-407081_640

Whether you’re a pharmaceutical manufacturer or part of the food supply chain, you need monitoring devices that test temperature, monitor environmental conditions, and identify the exact location of each product as it moves through the supply chain. You need an advanced form of warehouse inventory tracking to accomplish this, but it isn’t as complicated as it may seem.

   Transparency simplified

Knowing where your inventory is at all times is probably one of your toughest requirements, so track and trace is crucial to ensure proper environmental conditions for consumer safety and that transparency is maintained.

Let’s look at pharmaceutical manufacturers, for example. Their facilities are required by the FDA’s Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) to electronically identify and trace specific drugs as they move through the supply chain. 

Or, if it’s a food industry distribution center that houses temperature-sensitive products, they must protect and validate that all product remains at the correct temperature and is safe for consumers. It must be tested and monitored along the supply chain journey. Knowing where product is at all times matters.

The simple solution to ensure transparency and consumer safety protocol is to use a telematics platform that:

  1. Delivers real-time monitoring, tracking each operator, forklift, and product down to the square inch — even while in motion
  2. Facilitates improved driver behavior and accountability and requires automated OSHA checklists
  3. Works with existing and new-product installation systems seamlessly, offering software & hardware designed for specific needs of the material-handling industry 
  4. Offers flexible enhanced data management, reporting, and analysis tools
  5. Includes cloud-hosting services, combined with a cellular connectivity option for faster deployment without IT approval for Wi-Fi network access

How? Telematic monitoring and locationing technology tracks the movement of product throughout the facility and identifies any risk to product integrity. So, by using the latest monitoring technology, you can facilitate full transparency of product movement and location, avoiding the liability associated with damaged product left sitting idle or misplaced outside of a refrigerated environment.

 Telematic inventory tracking saves money


Typically, companies will realize a profitability increase of 20 to 50 percent after implementing an advanced inventory-tracking system.  Reducing time lost to searching for inventory saves money and frustration, but it also it further protects a business by ensuring regulatory compliance and avoiding fines and a damaged reputation.

Real-time inventory tracking is a challenge for many enterprises today. But a simplified solution is available through a telematics platform, which  delivers meticulous documentation and locationing that easily meets transparency requirements and reduces the cost of misplaced or mishandled inventory.  

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