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Demands for expedited delivery of consumer products continues to grow. Can your facility keep up with increased expectations for faster delivery? It can, if it has the right tools to develop a faster delivery strategy.customer-focus-1

If you think you don’t need to offer faster delivery options, here are a few facts to consider. Across the United States, about half of all retailers have stepped up their game to offer same-day delivery options to their customers. They simply had to evolve to remain competitive in today’s marketplace where a growing number of consumers have come to expect these faster delivery options.

This is a very clear evolution regarding how product makes it into consumers’ hands. Two years ago only 23% of consumers were willing to pay more for same-day delivery. Today, a 2018 Global Consumer Insights Survey found that 88% of consumers are willing to pay more and will expect that option to be available when they buy.

If your facility can consistently execute faster delivery times to your customers, it has a ripple effect on your business. Giving customers the service and delivery options they have come to expect creates brand loyalty and a positive consumer experience. And this impacts your business.

Here’s a few warehouse essentials that help facilitate faster delivery.

1. Inventory must move quickly & smoothly through the warehouse.

This requires better planning and smarter use of space in your facility, dedicated people to move product quickly and accurately, and the right technology to monitor it.

The solution for many warehouse and distribution centers is to take control of all moving parts with  a cloud-based telematics platform that adapts and evolves with the business. Leveraging this superior level of insight facilitates smoother daily operations and fewer growing pains as demands increase.

2. Superior layout & tracking should occur with ease.

Your software platform should proficiently monitor inventory and provide insight for optimum layout of aisles and storage areas. It should also monitor traffic coming in, out and around the warehouse as it helps to track and manage both incoming and outgoing cargo and transportation.

3. Teamwork is essential to meet delivery expectations.

Telematic monitoring across your enterprise allows everyone to work together to balance speed and accuracy. Managers should be able to pinpoint the exact location of product, all the steps in order fulfillment and where challenges are about to occur. Preventative action is part of multi-tasking skills.

4. Shipping should be simplified as much as possible.

Your tracking software should offer easy to use warehouse parcel shipping assistance, like package tracking and route management options, which facilitate expedited, secure and the most affordable delivery options.

In order to survive (and thrive) in today’s marketplace, your warehouse facility needs to be able to respond to the increased customer demands for fast, accurate delivery of the products they buy. With the right people, processes and technology, warehouse managers can leverage all assets to increase productivity and expedite delivery to meet these increased demands.

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