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Posted by Thelma Marshall Director of Product on Oct 10, 2019 4:00:00 AM

FDA and industry-related regulatory compliance overseen by OSHA can be challenging without a strategy that ensures tracking and visibility as product moves along your supply chain. But, supply chains in the agribusiness can present uniquely difficult challenges and costly to manage if you rely on old methods of management.  


Visibility of product from raw materials in the field to finished goods on the store shelf is critical in order to meet strict guidelines set by the FDA. Knowing where product is at all times is probably a key requirement, so track and trace is crucial to insure the environmental conditions for consumer safety and product integrity remain in place and transparency is maintained.

So, leveraging a telematic solution – one that has proven experience and success in agribusiness – can be instrumental in designing and deploying a platform that works to meet your very specific needs.

For example, integration of TotalTrax products can provide real time, accurate and cost-effective visibility information. Monitoring systems can deliver this by tracking bulk containers, pallets, bags or cases of product, and consequently tracking the lot, batch and date codes of their contents.

The simple solution to ensure transparency is found in a telematic platform that:

  • Reduces costs
  • Increases the performance of the food supply chain operations
  • Reduces the risk of product mixing errors while in transit.
  • Reduces cycle time and increases freshness of product and shelf-time.
  • Improves brand value and inventory accuracy
  • Creates error-proof processing
  • Includes cloud hosting services, combined with a cellular connectivity option for faster deployment.

How Telematics works to cut agricultural visibility costs

Poor performance from an old management system is not your fault. Failing to recognize this and make changes is:  Here is what can be gained:

  1. Error Proofing: Error proofing material movement and material identification processes which eliminates errors as they are about to occur.
  2. Inventory Accuracy:  Visibility improves inventory accuracy and system data integrity, but it is only as good at the data it harnesses. Telematic inventory management systems enabling warehouse managers to trust the data and make decisions which help them improve the performance of their supply chain.
  3. Location Visibility: Location visibility is critical when managing seasonal swings and tight control over material ID and batch information. TotalTrax solutions can be tailored to provide inventory location data, eliminating search time and improving material movement efficiency at both the plant and warehouse level.
  4. Increases to profitability: Most businesses realize a profitability increase of 20 to 50 percent after implementing a telematic inventory-tracking system.  Reducing time lost to searching for inventory saves money and frustration, but it also it further protects a business by ensuring regulatory compliance, avoiding fines and preventing the challenges of spoiled or damaged product.

The TotalTrax solution provides real time updates of data that can be used to make dynamic and proactive decisions based upon accurate data collected in real-time. It also offers flexible and expandable enhanced data management, reporting and analysis tools that can be expanded and customized to fit your business as it grows.

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