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Today, a telematics system has to do more than deliver safety and productivity improvements. It has to adapt to changing needs and expand easily to support a longer life cycle. It must provide not only meaningful data, but real time business
intelligence as well. It’s got to be simple to install, use, and maintain. Finally, it should be backed with world-class support.

The powerful TotalTrax SX/VX advanced telematics platform meets the needs of material handling operations in the most flexible way possible. The platform includes industry leading data, reporting, and analytic management tools as well as the extensive data hosting expertise of RackSpace®. Remotely monitor, diagnose, troubleshoot and reboot your units to make sure that vehicles are back on-line as soon as possible.

Power for today, expandability for tomorrow

Driven by software, the SX/VX platform is the most expandable and intuitive telematics solution in the industry. Choose only the features you need, including comprehensive cloud-based services from TotalTrax. Get all the data you want. Analyze it, share it, drill down, and generate reports that help you control costs, improve safety, and maximize productivity of your vehicles, labor, and warehouses. Run diagnostics remotely to simplify service and maximize fleet uptime.
From traditional capabilities such as impact detection, driver access control, and preshift inspection checklists, to advanced functions like load sensing and job tracking, TotalTrax SX/VX gives you more advanced information management, reporting, and analysis tools than any other system.

Fleet, Warehouse, and Safety Managers need adequate tools to gather and analyze information about their vehicles in order to meet or exceed business goals. Having access to precise, near real-time, rich location data can help managers in a variety of powerful ways.
TotalTrax SX200 Location Services deliver critical insights that can be used to enhance the ability to achieve and improve safety, productivity, utilization and maintenance objectives. While other companies currently offer vehicle location capability as options to their telematics products, SX200 Location Services provide increased accuracy and higher speeds with lower maintenance requirements and lower costs than alternate or competitive solutions.

If you are unsure which product is right for you, we can help you decide.

TotalTrax SX200 Job Tracking Services are designed to put the power in your hands to better monitor your operations, assist with moving inventory faster and safer, and help you identify areas where improvements can be made. TotalTrax Job Tracking provides insight into the amount of time spent completing a single job.

TotalTrax Job Tracking Services Help Organizations Meet Important Goals and Objectives

Having access to precise job tracking data can provide information to optimize resources and total cost of jobs in a variety of powerful ways.

Fleet and Warehouse Managers have historically lacked adequate tools to obtain and analyze battery usage information that helps meet battery management goals. While other companies may provide a way to monitor battery usage, none have developed technology that harnesses all of the information needed to identify, document and optimize key elements of warehouse operations to support battery optimization.

The TotalTrax BXOptimize Battery Monitoring System changes all that.

By partnering with battery manufacturers, we’ve developed a solution that links real-time battery use data to individual vehicles and operators. This data can then be analyzed to provide the insight necessary to identify operators, chargers or vehicles that might be causing damage to a battery or otherwise reducing its life expectancy.

Having a strategy for reporting that provides data and insights to decision-makers so they can make data-driven business decisions is hugely beneficial for all levels of your business and your business’ needs.

Visualization makes it easier for users to draw actionable insights from their proprietary data. Actionable insights, refer to trends and patterns that lead directly to changes in business practices and improve your business’ overall performance and communication throughout the entire business.

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